Daffodils and Garlic—the perfect send off

It is mid-March— that time in the northern hemisphere where the sun is once again beginning to have some warming power and the southern hemisphere is moving into shorter, cooler days.

 Two plants have been lifelong harbingers of spring for me: daffodils and garlic. The daffodils shown here were planted in my neighbors yard decades ago before she arrived. Every year they come up faithfully in spring—early bursts of color and life in the midst of a winter often reluctant to let go of its power.Image

 Garlic is a stunning garden plant. The cloves are carefully put in the ground in the fall and all winter, even while blizzards and sub-zero temperatures rage, they do their remarkable transformation and sprout hopefully in our garden beds in early spring.


 The cycle of birth/death/resurrection is everywhere around us as we move from winter to spring or summer to fall. Nature teaches us profoundly that life continues.

 This is the lesson I carry to Colorado this week. My son’s ashes are carefully packed in my suitcase. We will scatter a portion of them on the soils of the Ranch my family visited for 50 years. Tradition matters. Our place in the great cycle of life holds us even when we are struggling to break new ground and create new life.

  1. Pat Norton said:

    My heart goes with you, Ann.

    • docmks said:

      Dearest Ann, Thank you for your reminders of the coming spring, and for sharing your deep understanding of and connections with Nature, as you continue to walk this journey. We are holding you fast and tenderly in our hearts as you return to Colorado this week. We are sending much love and support to you and Christina, MK

  2. Dearest Ann, my thoughts are with you as you carry out this important ritual. XXX Linette

  3. aRLENE Tallberg said:

    My thoughts and prayers will be with you, Ann. Reminds me of your journey around Lake Superior when you carried, and shared with the earth your dear friends ashes. This will take perhaps even more courage and love than your trip so long ago now. But you are blessed with both.
    aRLENE of Maine.

  4. Maryann Weidt said:

    Ann: another beautiful post. My heart travels with you as you take Brian back to the Ranch in Colorado. Yes we are all connected.

  5. pamela sampel said:

    Blessings on this very sacred journey, my beloved friend. To both you and Christina. Such sacred, important ritual. May a piece of Brian’s soul be always at play there. xoxo.

  6. Beautiful post and beautiful journey you are taking. Go with God and I hold you in my heart.

  7. Jeanne Petrick said:

    May the familiar Colorado ranch earth hold you and support you as you walk the further steps of this journey. Thank you for sharing so that we can hold a spot in our hearts especially for you and Christina this week. May you find peace in this ritual. Much love to you.

  8. heartwriter said:

    Blessings. Sweet, sweet blessings to you and Christina dear Ann. Thank you for your beautiful post, travel mercies.

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